10 Web Tweaks to Drastically Up Your Conversion Game in 2019

10 Web Tweaks to Drastically Up Your Conversion Game in 2019

Hello there amazing and enthusiastic entrepreneurs!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR my lovely entrepreneurs! I hope and wish from the bottom of my heart that you all are having an amazing start of the new year <3

The start of every year brings hope for each and every one of us, as it is a clean slate where one can begin a whole new journey. If we look at this perspective in the online business world, the prime focus for most of us is for our online presence to be more affective in spreading our word. Well in this case, Website, of course, comes on the top of the list.

The journey from solely thinking about something and actually implementing something, is not easy. It is full of hurdles and difficulties and the only asset which can help you successfully complete this journey, is hard work. The case is similar for when you just dream about your website conversion rates to increase in 2019 and then actually make an effort in the right direction to achieve this goal.

What do I mean by upping “your conversion rate”?

The statistics say that an average person leaves a website in 3 to 5 seconds! Shocking, right!!!

How do we make sure that they stay and potentially take actions? Because of course, that’s what we want, right? An action can be whatever you wish them to do, so it could be:

  • contacting you
  • booking a call
  • asking for a quote
  • opting in for your freebie
  • buying a product
  • buying your services

I am here to help you with this struggle of yours but only if you are ready to work hard in the right direction. Are you guys familiar with the concept of web tweaks? Web tweaks are many small bits of a website which work together as a whole to make the website much more attractive for a visitor.

So guys, without any further delay, let’s dive into 10 web tweaks that you can do right now to up your conversion game in 2019.

1- Clear and Concise Homepage is the Way to Go

The homepage of a website is where visitors find out the truth about your business. They find out what exactly the website is about. However, if the homepage has too much information and is all jumbled up, there is a huge chance that the visitor might just leave as soon as they look at the homepage.

What a typical visitor wishes to find out when they arrive at the homepage of a website, is usually the following:

  • what you, your company, or your business is about
  • how can you cater to their needs or problems

So, if you really wish to grab the attention of your potential customers, you got to keep the following points in mind while designing your homepage:

  • Keep it very clear and concise
  • Define clearly how you aim on help them with their problems
  • State the mission of your business
  • The means through which they can easily contact you

Apart from these standard practices which are crucial to an effective homepage, a call to actions in the first 600 pixels of the homepage is something that can work wonders. All you have to do is write one clear line as to how they can make use of your services or your products. After this, give a call to action.

Now, let’s talk about the section which serves the role of a mediator between you and your potential customers. Yes, I am talking about the ‘about you’ section. This section is where your visitors get to know you and feel emotionally connected to your business. In the ‘about you’ section, the following points need to be addressed:

  • Keep it simple
  • Write in smaller lines and avoid long paragraphs
  • Write a little bit about your idea, your services, and the mission of your business. Write in a way so that the visitors feel cared for and connected to you.
  • Don’t go overboard with information.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that because of an extremely fast pace of life these days, our focus span has greatly reduced. The focus span of an average person is hardly 9 or 10 seconds. Hence, overloading your homepage with information is not a really good idea. You do not want your visitors to feel like “okay I don’t have time for this” or “I’ll just come back and check it out sometimes else”. So, the solution to this whole problem is, grab their attention in the first go.

2- Make Sure the Website is Full Width

Well, what do I mean by a full width website? Let me explain. Back in the early days, websites used to have this big spacing on both sides. This practice is still carried out by some businesses. The biggest disadvantage of such a layout is that it is not device friendly. You have to constantly zoom in and out to read stuff which is a big inconvenience. Given that nowadays almost everyone accesses websites through phones or tablets, such a practice can be a serious back fall for a business.

It is of utmost importance to provide your visitors with a smooth and convenient experience on your website. Moreover, the irritating factor of zooming in and out and the website not being device friendly is not the only disadvantage of having such a website layout. A primitive website design, for example vertical menus instead of horizontal, will make visitors feel that you’re not up to date. Ultimately, they will feel unsure about the services you provide and end up doubting if they are even on the right website based on their requirements.

3- Make Sure the Menu Size is Small

A loaded-up menu with a lot of options can be quite distracting. This can make it difficult for the visitor to find the specific option he or she is looking for. So now the question that arises is:

  • how do we make the menu small if we have loads of web pages?

For instance, let’s consider some social media platforms for inspiration like Facebook and Instagram. These platforms have 2 or 3 buttons in their top bar such as an inbox button, a notification button, and a friend requests button. Same goes for YouTube and other many other super hit platforms.

So, even if you have a lot of services, products, or resources, you can still organize your menu into something which is easy to use. To achieve this objective, one idea which you can implement is to create 3 or 4 small menu buttons based on categories. Furthermore, you can add the remaining options under those buttons based on the respective categories under which they fall. In this way, you will be able to reduce the number of visible menu buttons and add more attraction to your website.

4- Have a Reasonable Amount of White Space

White space is the padded or simple white space (without any text, graphics or pictures) between two sections in a website. A reasonable amount of white space holds great significance in the process of grabbing a visitor’s attention. This is because it helps them to focus on a specific element whether it be a video, button or anything.

If there is too much of text or unreasonable quantity of images between different sections, the focus can’t be maintained because of distractions. Hence, designing the interface in a way that helps with attention grasping and maintenance of focus is something nobody should ignore while designing a website.

5- Text Should be Concise

Let’s get the facts straight, nobody comes to a website to read a book or a story. Getting to the point quickly is the real deal here. The key is to elaborate on a specific point on a separate page and not directly on the homepage. In other words, be familiar with the concept of landing pages.

Putting a lot of information everywhere isn’t going to do you any good. Be organized and make distinctions based on categories. This way the visitors interested about detailed information about a specific category can directly refer to that landing page. In this modern era, giving people the choice and right to access the information only they are interested in, is the cornerstone of success in the online business world.

6- Interact Using Videos, Where Possible

Videos are the most interacting and engaging form of media sources. So, instead of writing lengthy paragraphs in the effort of explaining a product or service, a short video serving the same purpose will be much more appreciated by the visitors.

Ask yourself the question that when you visit a website, will you want to spend your time and energy on reading a whole paragraph on what the respective company is about, or would you like to watch a 30 to 60 second video instead with someone else doing the talking? Well, I am pretty sure the latter is what you’ll choose.

Therefore, use videos on your website wherever possible. Whether it is the ‘about us’ section where you want the visitor to know about your company and its services, or whether it is some section where you want to explain regarding the specific features of a product, videos are something you should introduce everywhere. However, the videos must be short. For instance, one minute is more than enough for regular webpages.

7- Add a Blog to your Website

Adding a blog to your website is the most perfect way to increase conversion and attract visitors. This initiative is the most amazing way to humanize a brand. If you humanize your brand and make people feel you are as much a human as them, they feel connected and at ease. Apart from this, you can write different blog posts and support your social media initiatives on your blog. Moreover, blog posts increase search engine traffic and helps you to build an authority in the industry through versatile blog post topics.

8- Your Website Should Reflect your Brand

Let your brand be a reflection of your true personality. You don’t have to be under pressure and try to match with whatever your competitors are doing. All you have to do is make sure that you bring to your website whatever your brand is truly about and never try to replicate something your competitors are implementing.

9- Add Social Media to your Website

These days, your social media plays a huge role in the trust your potential customers will put in you. No matter who the person is, if they haven’t been through your social media account, they won’t be filling trust you 100%. This is because social media is where your potential customers will be able to come across the most honest reviews made by your clients.

A social media platform will give the visitors more reasons to engage with you and stay in touch with your business. Nobody visits a website over and over again, but social media platforms like Instagram, twitter, and Facebook are something a normal person checks out many times a day.

10- Google Analytics and Search Console

Google analytics and search console will provide you with information where the visitors on your website come from, what are they spending more time on, and what are they spending less time on. This information will help you know about your visitors and their likes and dislikes. You will be able to figure out what elements on your website are deemed useful by your potential customers. The best part is that with such detailed and precise information at hand, you will be able to tweak your website accordingly.

For instance, if they are spending more time on one specific page, it will be an indication that you must implement all the strategies of that specific webpage on other pages as well. In short, the information put forth by google analytics helps you figure out which of the implemented strategies are actually affective and are working out in upping the conversion game.

Similarly, search console lets you know about the keywords that most people are typing in google in order to reach your website. In addition to this, it also shows the location or geography of the people visiting your website and the time they spend on your website. Using this information, you can change your website’s layout and structure accordingly. Moreover, you can evolve using this information with time and potentially keep building in a way that is optimized for a good user experience. These techniques will help to up your conversion game quite drastically.

So, guys, that’s it for this article. I hope these ten web tweaks would have proved very helpful for you all. Let me know in the comments below in case there are any queries to be addressed 😊

Till then, make your brand work 😊

10 Web Tweaks to Drastically Up Your Conversion Game in 2019
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