What Candy Crush Taught me About Exhilaratingly Growing a Brand (No Conventional Way BABY!)

Okay, I am going to shamelessly admit publicly today that Candy Crush is my #1 distraction these days. I am always playing it here and there throughout the day and once I am on a tablet I cannot put it down (unless of course there is no life left which is a shame.)

I know this is utterly non-serious attitude and the path I’ve chosen for myself isn’t going to pave itself if I keep this habit up.
BUT the good thing is I’ve been learning a lot about growing my brand through the lessons learned by winning a few levels and failing loads! 😂

1. To Master a Level, Be Ready to Fail

Accordingly, this isn’t a big secret when it comes to success in general. But when it comes to branding, most people make it seem like as soon as we start implementing certain things, it’s a straight path to growth. This cannot be further away from the truth.

Yes, if you have a good foundation your brand is more likely to stick more than others with no understanding of it.

But we should always be ready to stumble; just like in Candy Crush, and learn from the failure. For example, I know that if a strategy didn’t work in a level, it’s time to play it differently, to apply something different, to look for a new perspective.

2. You Cannot Begin with Level 1000

Well, many of the people when starting their brand are following a bigger one and tend to ‘copy’ what they are doing in their marketing or design or strategy.
But here is the truth: you cannot start at level 1000.
Do you have any idea how long it took that other brand to get to the level they are at? Do you know what budget they have? Do you know the struggle, the trial and error process that got them there?
No? Then don’t ‘copy’ it.

You can take notes of what they are doing and implement it at your own level.
For example, I am really inspired by Bushra Azhar’s Facebook Ads strategy and wanted to implement it. While she can justify spending $5k+ in Ads – I at the moment am not ready to invest such an amount, hence should I do it any way? No, I started with $10 and will scale from there.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not expect same results – if she is getting x amount of leads through her Ads doesn’t mean I will. It was her trial and error process that made her come to this level.

As a result, I will just keep up with mine until I arrive at the level where I know my audience, my message, my brand so damn well that I will start getting similar results.

3. Wittiness is Always a Friend

At the start, it is easier to win levels without it but I hate to admit it, we need to be wittier as the levels increases. I mean I really wish I could play dumb and be successful, but well…😕

If I am not clever enough to make a smart move in the game, I am more likely to lose. Similarly, if I am not witty in my appearing in front of my audience or dealing with clients or team members, I obviously lose the game there too.

An example of this is of a client from last year, she was actually recommended by another client and we had a great conversation on the phone after which she hired me for a monthly contract. In the start everything was smooth. But after a few months since the client got super busy and I had less access to her, the manager of the client started feeding her wrong perceptions of me. Had I been witty enough, I could have pursued access to the client and cleared all the facts from the start. But I was playing the nice girl and trying not to force anything on anyone. Anyways, the point is the situation was causing me as well as the client distress without either intending to.

Want a growing brand? Stay top of the game, pursue what is rightfully yours, and keep up the wittiness.

(For those who are wondering, the client and I were able to communicate at the end and make things clear – the manager was fired and I am still in the game.😎 But all the headache could have been avoided had I cleverly tackled the situation from the start.)

4. Goals are A Must

In candy crush, the minute I lose focus of my end goal (that is popping the candies or finding a bear) I lose the game. Similarly, if I lose sight of my brand goals (e.g. reach X amount of people or create a product in Y amount of time), and get distracted with something temporary (no matter how important) I am less likely to hit those goals and grow my brand.

The easy way to always stay on top of your brand goals is to have them written down and review them every single week.

5. Props are NOT the Answer

Sometimes, all I need is one chocolate candy to win a level. Others, no matter how many of them I make and pop, that just doesn’t help.

Similarly, in my brand’s growth HAVING the right tools are not the answer.

Let’s say I am using the accounting software that my coach swears by. BUT I am still stressed about my finance, they are still a mess and organization of my money is far from reachable. Is it the tool? Or is it me not using it well? The answer is obvious.

  • Using them well
  • using them cleverly
  • making the right decision to use what at the right time (remember we can’t use what anybody else with 10x success than us is from point 2?)
  • implementing the right strategy
  • having the right setup of the tool

these all things count! All the nitty-gritty details are the foundations of getting the results out of these tools.

6. It’s not About BUYING the Best, It’s all About Utilizing them Properly

Although an extension of the previous point, I wanted to make it different because sometimes we feel that we don’t have enough of Candy Crush props so we use money and buy more. But those don’t help either.

Similarly, in business, if a free version of a tool isn’t working we feel that it is because it is FREE. Although, sometimes that does solve the problem, a lot of times it might not.

Lastly, it is not about the person you hired for a job – that same person might be giving totally different results to her other clients than to you. The secret lies in:

  • treating the person correctly
  • helping them achieve the goals/results
  • providing them with the right resources
  • giving them enough space to do it their way
  • leading them right
  • and a lot of similar stuff

7. A New, Fresh Mind Always Wins

Don’t you get 100% sick of Candy Crush level and believe that it is totally unsurpassable, only to try it the next day and clear it in 1 go? I know that has happened with me loads of time?

It’s just a matter of fresh mind. I think there is something magical about the creativity of a fresh start.

If you have been told over and over again that the hustle is the answer. That you cannot have it without the grind. Let me tell you what, Arianna Huffington got 100% burnt out trying to do everything and is now one of the biggest advocate of sleep and rest. It’s a good thing to work hard and go for what you truly believe in. It is okay to push. But it is never okay to go beyond the limits of what our body is made for.

Besides, rest is good. It is good for a new, fresh perspective of things, it is good for a healthy body as well as the mind, and as a result, it is phenomenal for the results you truly desire

8. BRANDING Is The Answer To Set You Apart

When Candy Crush was first launched a friend of mine visited my home as I was playing it. (I never said I recently joined the club. 🤷)

She played a little bit and said: “What’s all the fuss about this, it is a regular block puzzle game!!!” Well, she was right. It is not the most unique game in its genre like Flapping Bird when it was released. (No matter how utterly smashed I was, I had to admit this saddening fact!)

So, why could Candy Crush made such a big opening with so many similar products in the market?

Well, they named it, designed it, developed it with keeping one thing in mind – candies! The colors, the tones, the patterns, the designs, the music everything complimented the main focus – candies!

When the user is playing it they feel they have been brought into this dreamworld full of delicious treats. That is all branding is about – to give the audience a whole marvelous experience that they cannot have anywhere else. That is unique to only you. That makes the connection faster, deeper and lasting.    

9. No Matter How Many Products You Have to Keep Them on Brand

The above images are copyrights of King.com

Do I need to say more? There is just so much we can do despite staying on brand. They have launched 3 games of the same genre all with unlimited success! But look at them all following the same branding rules. I bet anyone can guess that this is a series of Candy Crush’s game without looking at the name. Can’t you?

10. Keep It Fresh

I hate to admit but I was SO over my brand in the mid of 2018! I mean it was the same old Facebook posts, same old client calls, client works and same old talks! There was nothing exciting!!

It was then that I started blogging regularly. No longer did I have to hold me back from writing my heart out. You see, on Facebook or any other social media platform, there are always some word limit (or at least user limit to keep the focus LOL). But with blogs, we know that the user has come to READ. So we can pour out our hearts about a subject. On top, I can have headings, bullets and all this fun stuff that social media posts don’t allow me! SEE I GOT FRESHNESS. 😀

In 2019, I also started working on my designs again! Create pre-made branding boards, learning new design techniques and just having fun creating my future brand products.

I don’t know about your brand but if you are not keeping it fresh and exciting, soon you will burn out or just get frustrated. Keep coming up with new ideas about products or services and just add in some glitter or magic to sales and marketing. Your brand will always be growing and flourishing – I promise. 😉

So, there you have it! Some of the most amazing mind-blowing lessons I learned while wasting time on a game! 😂

Well, I feel it’s not THAT wasted after all. What is your take on this?

P. S. I am working on this distractions and so far have been able to ditch it 30% of the time. or at least put it back in 5 minutes!! YAY for me. 😉

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