How to Start a Remarkable Coaching Business at Home Part 2 (Getting the clients!)

How to start a remarkable coaching business at home 2

Hey there entrepreneurs!

I am sure most of you have read the first part of this blog that focuses on the planning bit of starting an online coaching business. If you haven’t already, please go through it first.
What we will be diving in today is getting clients from our online coaching business. It took me a great deal of research and testing to finally get it right and make things work!
Will it work for you? SURE!!! I have not only followed these steps myself but also for my clients and a few folks I helped setting their businesses online too!

So let us just dive into getting clients. ๐Ÿ˜‰

#1. The easiest thing to do is, just ASK!

It might sound silly to you right now, but hear me out! Most people think since we put ourselves out there, market our services/products, interact with people on social media and engage in discussions, we get clients upfront. And when they fail, they doubt themselves or blame their audience! But what they do not understand is that getting clients is not a cakewalk and what a successful business person does is ask a prospective client whether they need the services being offered by them or not.

Asking for sales can be as simple as putting an offer on Instagram and various groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Convey simply that if you are such and such person, you may benefit from the offer that I have. People need to know that you are offering coaching services. Most of the time, people would not even know that you offer particular packages or have products until they are told.

#2. Provide Value with Persistence.

Once you start getting clients, do not vanish from the face of the planet social media. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Trust me, I’ve done it and the results suck. ๐Ÿ™ No client remains forever, nor referrals alone are 100% reliable to run a smooth business.
Keep providing value and give valuable inputs in discussions, because you never know when a client would approach you. It has happened multiple times with me where a client has been watching me for over a year and then came up and hired me for the work. Moral of the story: don’t stop your marketing no matter what!

From another perspective, giving value and importance to the current clients persistently should be the goal of every online coach. Failing to do so, being unavailable for 100% support for them, clients would lose interest and be hesitant before investing in you.
Looking for easy marketing blueprint? Here you go: The Easiest Blueprint to Spread your Brand across the Internet.

#3. Tweak Packages, as and when required.

Since you have already tried your packages in the planning phase, you must have taken feedback or a survey to know what your ideal client needs. When I had initially started, I followed many branding strategists and tech people. So, I naturally curated packages that they were offering. But later on, I found out that my audience was not really interested in those and I had to tweak them according to my clientโ€™s needs. The package I was initially offering, consisting of the website, logo and brand design has now been divided into two different packages, one for the entire branding board and the other for a website.

Trust me, now I am able to sell more of these two individually then I was able to sell them combined.
The catch? Play around with your packages. Itโ€™s not about what they want but also what they need, as in what kind of time is required for them to see the result of your coaching. Have a look at it and then only curate your packages.

Same goes for the products, take a survey or ask previous clients and know what people are looking for and prioritize that. Then with time you would have a package that most of your clients would say yes to.

#4. Keep Improving.

No one is perfect and I understand that we all aren’t good at sales and do not have the business understanding to the core. But we can always try and improve on it. We only fail if we start trying, right? Honestly, if we ourselves cannot sell our product, then no one else can, because who would know your product better than you! So keep trying and I promise you would succeed. Always remember, you can if you want!

#5. Organization is the Key!

I know this might be not the kind of thing you expect to read in ‘getting clients’ guide! But what I truly believe is getting clients is just the 1st step. Retaining them and having them buy from you over and over again is what every business aim for ultimately. I have worked both organized and unorganized people.

People who wanted to do a lot of things and were bright but not organized and ultimately failed at meeting deadlines and keeping tabs of all that needed to be done. Being an online coach is an extensive task – you are responsible for not just your own business but also your clients’ lives! If the person is unorganized, it is ten times more difficult for such a person to keep the business afloat.

Something similar has happened with a client of mine. She was great at what she did and was also committed to it but she was not very organized. Then once in a period when things got extremely messed up in her business she has to shut down her business for a few months to organize everything.

Some of my favorite platforms and tools as mentioned in the previous part of the blog are Google Keep, Trello, Asana, Acuity Scheduler. Check them out, find the one that works for you and get organized! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I really hope all this is useful for you. Do let me know in the comments below if you liked these tips and tricks and also if you need any clarifications regarding anything.

Stay tuned for next weekโ€™s blog, as I have an enormous surprise for you all!

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