How to Make Sales Without Even Asking for It

How to Make Sales Without Even Asking for It

In today’s blog post, I am going to tell you about the magic trick that can boost your sales without YOU EVEN ASKING FOR IT. Yes, that’s totally possible!!!

Although there’s nothing wrong with asking for sales but you must have come across people who flood your inbox asking you to buy their products, and of course, you know how annoying that is.  If you always keep asking for sales, it would lose its value. But if you never ask, how would they know you are open to selling your product or services?
I am going to tell you one single trick that will boost your sales without becoming this annoying person who keeps throwing their promotions at you all the time.

Let’s dive in…\

If you keep asking your audience to get your product, they will get annoyed and unsubscribe. In contrast, simply talking about your brand will not only make it memorable, but your audience will be eager to learn more about it as well. This is a simple trick, yet so many people are unaware of it.

If I keep saying that in my package BrandCruise I take my clients from not knowing what their brand is, to gaining 100% clarity on what they stand for and how can they use their brand to stand out while making an impact, TO making their graphics & content that defines their brand and uniquely positions them from the noise, my potential clients will remember me for this and refer my brand to others for similar services. The trick is not asking for it, but just referring to it. The glib and fun way to do it is to just let your audience know what your brand has to offer without throwing the advertisement at their faces.

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I follow a brand strategist whom I adore. She offers a branding course that she keeps referring to all the time, and I have it at the top of my to-watch list. Whenever I am ready for it, I will go & buy it! No questions asked. And if anyone asks me for the recommendation of a branding course, I will instantly mention hers without any second thought.

This is the easiest way to make sales without asking for it. Even while applying this trick, you have to maintain balance and only refer to your brand when it’s relevant. Don’t try too hard to bring your service/product into everything and only refer to it casually when it makes sense. As they say, work smart, not hard; similar is the case with talking about it. Be crisp and relevant, and stop when you feel like you’re overdoing it. The plan is to make your services or product memorable to your audience by talking about it naturally, not trying too hard to get them to buy your product.

Let me know in the comments if this trick helped you. See you in the next blog post.

As always, make your branding work 😉

How to Make Sales Without Even Asking for It
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