The Art of Personal Branding (as we ‘Should’ Know it. Courtesy: Neil Patel)

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Today, we shall talk about an intriguing topic that is Personal Branding. I am sure all of us want to build a brand that is “known and recognized” by everyone for a long time to come, but what we often forget is how in the hindsight, the brand owners ‘personal brand’ plays an important role in the success of the company.

You all know about Kingfisher’s beer, eh? Great brand recall and great beer!

But what does beer have to do with branding? Well, what we must take notice of here, is how the brand kingfisher has been established in the minds of the consumers. Despite of the whole Vijay Mallya fiasco back in 2016, the demand for kingfisher beers, never went down!

That is the power of a strong brand! Be it a personal brand or a commercial one, the way it is established in the minds of the people play an important role in its success and growth.

The question now is: How to build a personal brand, which is as effective as the above?

Let’s take a peak into Neil Patel’s (one of THE top internet marketer of the age) take on this:

TIP 1: Blog at Least Once a Week

What Neil thinks:

Text based content works better on Google, when compared to videos, thanks to SEO. Create new, fresh and evergreen content that the consumer has not seen or read before and voila, your blogs shall be a hit, as people love reading new content in their leisure time or on the go! I emphasize on creating evergreen content and not just news content, because evergreen content lasts for a longer period of time as compared to the latter that lasts just for a few days!

My take on it:

While I definitely agree with “coming up with new content”, I also feel that it is not always the best option for us.

What do we do then?
Here is a very interesting factor (that made a HUGE difference in my personal content creation game):
You don’t always have to come up with something NEW. It could be a personal perspective – we all have a unique way of seeing things, we all have an opinion. Our audience really make true connection with us if we are vocal of all these ideas, perspectives and opinions. USE IT. Use the power of your thinking to bring fresh perspective into the industry through your blog.

What to AVOID:

  • Do not copy.
  • Do not just Google something and paraphrase other’s content (I know people who do. And that might get them some traffic but this is not a long-term sustainable strategy to build a personal brand.)
  • Don’t whine. I used to get agitated all the time about unfair scenarios or individuals. And sometimes it used to come out on my blog or other content pieces. But soon I realized that those temporary emotions were creating long-term impact on my personal brand.  Now, we don’t want that, do we?

Handy tip:

Keep an idea list. While on the move, doing chores or talking to a client – ideas have a habit of popping up on precisely the wrong time. If you have a handy list, you will be able to take notes of them and never have to worry about running out of content ideas.

TIP 2: Speak out at Conferences. At Least Once Every Quarter!

What Neil thinks:

Talking at conferences gives people an opportunity to connect with you, as a brand, offline on a personal level and that helps in building an emotional connection that the online world does not allow you to.

My Take on this:

I recently read Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant within. And the book, he shared his secret to achieving success quicker than his peers/competitors. He says in order to become the top speaker, he did 10x more speaking gigs then any other person he knew. He definitely made mistakes along the way, but everyone else did too. The more gigs simply made the process faster and allowed him to raise his authority and impact more lives than others did.
So, take every opportunity you can to speak at conferences or any speaking events if you are looking to build a personal brand faster than others.

What to AVOID:

  • Do not overstretch. If your body doesn’t permit to work, take a rest that day. Remember, we are playing the long-term game here.
  • Do not go to ‘any’ conference. Do your research on the audience. Is your ideal client actually going to be there? Are the conference attendees really going to benefit from what you have to offer?

Handy Tip:

Feel free to take the topics from tip#1. Not everyone in the conference visits your blog so it’s a great chance to elaborate on the topic as well as share it with more people while not worrying about the ‘where ideas would come from.”

TIP 3: Podcasts for the Curious Listeners!

What Neil thinks:

People like to listen to podcasts while they are on the go, as watching videos while driving, might lead to severe accidents. You can use hosting platforms like Libsyn that provide space to put up a description for the video. The content in the description should be SEO optimized by the help of tools like Ubersuggest , which lists out keywords and popular phrases to be used in the description for better ranking and visibility.

My Take on This:

On top of your own podcast, make most of this game by being on other people’s podcasts too. You know they are always looking for new people to interview – why not you take that chance, it is a great way to get that extra exposure!

What to AVOID:

  • Again, don’t just speak at ‘any’ podcast. Do your research on the audience and access if this is worth your time or not.
  • Don’t just create it for the sake of it. Have fun in the process, make it a game and play it with sportsmen spirit.
  • Don’t over-stress the stats. Its super easy to get frustrated or sad with low stats. Keep going. Yes, it is tougher to get more people to watch, listen or read your content with more competition but remember there are more people online too! So, hang in there. Give your best and soon the stats will explode!!!

Handy Tip:

I have researched on a lot of millionaires are reusing the same podcast for their YouTube channel or blog post. This is a great opportunity for you to create content for different types of audiences at the same time.

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TIP 4: Create Educational Video Content!

What Neil thinks:

Focus on making educational video content for platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, as people love such content and keep searching for it, time and again. The videos need not be longer than 7-8 minutes, keep it simple, crisp and to the point.  Make sure to use relevant and popular keywords in the video as well as the description for most amount of search traffic. Tools like Rev help in getting the transcription for the video with popular keywords to provide better visibility and ranking to the videos!

My Take on this:

The best videos I’ve ever created were the ones that I myself was struggling with! I couldn’t find a solution for that from Google or Facebook groups or any forums. So, once I figured it out, I made a walk-through video and put it on YouTube. The stats literally explode for such videos as compared to any other videos I create ‘for the sake of it’.

What to AVOID:

  • Don’t make it a must. Okay, I know consistency is key and only people remember you when you are showing up everywhere. BUT again, doing it for the sake of it will burn you out. So, yes keep a running list of ideas and yes make a system/habit of being consistent but don’t overstretch.
  • Don’t follow the crowd. Its easy to feel that what others are doing is working and not what we are. But remember your brand is different than them. Your audience is different than them.

Handy Tip:

Just like blogging, keep an idealist, you can do your keyword research later. This will make sure you never stress about what to create when there are 0709530275 other things to worry out in your business. 😉

TIP 5: Genuinely Care for People.

What Neil thinks:

Help people in your space in whatever way you can and help graciously. If you do not care for the people, they are going to see right through it and you would not be able to build a good name for the brand.

My Take on this:

I’ve had biggest clients:

  • When I was just trying to solve a problem.
  • When there was no ‘selling’ involved.
  • When all I was doing was give them the solution that I know and they didn’t.

Listen, we all feel that everyone knows what we do. I was there too. But it can’t be further away from the truth. If we just believe that there are people who are ‘searching’ for what I have to offer – the floodgates to successful branding opens themselves.

What to AVOID:

  • Don’t expect them to come to you. Most of us (including me) often make the mistake of thinking that since we are putting all this amazing content out there, people will come to us.  But that’s not true anymore in 2019 (or onwards). We need to connect with people through forums, Facebook or LinkedIn groups and of course the conferences to help them solve the problems and create our personal brand.

Handy Tip:

Type in Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora or any other forum/social media channel you are active in or you know your ideal client/customer hangout in the phrases you know they are searching for. So, I often search for ‘website designer needed’ or ‘website’ or ‘branding’ or something similar and sure enough I’ve gotten leads, clients or fans through answering their questions or solving a problem.

TIP 6: Respond to Every Comment.

What Neil Thinks:

Make sure to respond to every comment on your videos, blogs and podcasts. It helps in building a personal connection with your audience and sends out a positive message that you are actually there to help them through, and you care. Remember, there is nothing wrong in not knowing everything and you could respond to the comments stating that you are sorry that you could not help them.

My Take on this:

I’m no expert at this. I still need to make it a practice.
BUT what I usually do that doubles the impact is I go and also engage with their content (in case of business people or brands of course). This creates the kind of connection that nothing else can beat.

What to AVOID:

  • If some of your content pieces are getting huge number of comments, trying to keep up will be a strategy for burnout.
  • It’s not a must to respond right away. Create your content first. Give your brand time first before responding to others.

Handy Tip:

Doing this with a timer on to keep track of your daily/weekly time on this is a great option.

TIP 7: Give it time, bruh.

What Neil Thinks:

You can’t build a brand overnight. It takes a minimum of two to three years for a personal brand to be established. To know how your brand is growing, you can go to Google Trends and type in your name and when you do that it will show your brand versus other people in your space.

My Take:

I fully believe and support Neil on this. There is no second option but to learn and grow from the process. You’ll be surprised to see your own evolution in 1-2 years if you stay consistent despite the odds.

Wrapping it up:

Taking all these steps might not be the best bet. Starting with one and getting into the flow of it before hopping on to the next for me is the best strategy there is!
I hope these tips help you in establishing your personal brand! And you are excited about uncountable opportunities that your brand is bound to bring if you implement them! I am so grateful to Neil Patel for sharing them with us. Here is his video on this:

How to Become The Next Neil Patel (My Personal Branding Secrets)

Do you want to be the next Neil Patel?Or better yet, be the next Tony Robbins or Gary V?It comes down to personal branding.Here are my secrets to building a big personal brand.

Posted by Neil Patel on Monday, January 28, 2019
The art of Personal Branding
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