How to Start a Remarkable Coaching Business at Home

Coaching Business at Home

Today, let’s talk about ‘How to start a Coaching Business at home’ without blowing a bomb. 😉

I am not a coach myself but have been working with coaches behind the scene for more than three years now and have helped them with setting up websites, graphics, mailers, and the works. It is extremely important to learn the art of running a business from an expert and since I have worked with speakers and six-figure earners, and have learned how to run the coaching business online, I am super sure I can help you in starting your own coaching biz as well.

Let’s dive right in!!
What I have in store for you today is a 100% complete compact guide to start your own coaching business at home while inspiring people and impacting their lives.

Let’s divide the entire discussion into two parts, Section A focusing on planning bit of starting your own business and Section B focusing on getting clients online. (I call it the action part 😉 )

Alright, now is time for the fundamentals:

Let’s discuss the two most important steps which are often overlooked!

  • Point 0– Know exactly what kind of coach you want to be. By that I mean, whether you want to be a fitness coach or life coach. And to get into more clarity: whether you want to be a life coach for students dealing with depression or a marriage coach that guides couples with marital problems. Know your calling and work towards being the best coach there is for the same.
  • Point 0.5– Get yourself certified from an academy, and that shouldn’t necessarily be a big name or institute or university. The point here is, that learning from an expert and it makes your work easier and quicker, as you would know exactly how to go about starting the business and dealing with clients. Also, not to forget, getting a certificate is beneficial to get through legal procedures of getting the business listed as well. It’s a win-win situation, see!

#1. Know who you Want to Serve

The most important thing to be done here is knowing what problem you want to solve for your clients. We have already spoken about being clear on what coaching you want to do. So now you need to get deeper in the direction and learn about the personalities you would be dealing with. All said and done, get clear as to who are the people you want to help through your coaching.

There is a great deal of information and practical tactics to gain clarity on your ideal client here.

#2. Zone into your Platform/Channel

For strictly online business, it is important to have a platform or a combination of platforms/channels to grow it. Let us dig deeper for a better understanding:

  • First off, create groups on Facebook, WhatsApp or LinkedIn, in addition to your business page. These groups would help you in building a strong community of people who are dealing with the same issues that you address.
  • Have daily or weekly prompts in the groups that urge the members to discuss things, give inputs, and share their opinions and experiences and contribute to the community.

This would provide a great segue for your clients to open discussions with you and further strengthen the community.

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Speaking by experience, you would ideally need two kinds of channels, to begin with. A Blog or a YouTube channel (classified as the Evergreen channel).

The evergreen channels content, regardless of being old or new, can be viewed over and over again in contrast to the social handles like Instagram and Facebook, where older content is harder to find.

  • The social handles help to attract people and get traffic to your Blog or YouTube channel as people spend most of their time on social platforms.
  • Once you grow your channel and build a loyal member base, you could earn from them too. However, keep in mind that you do not own the social platforms, whereas you do own a blog or website, it will forever be yours and you could make alterations to it as and when required.

Lastly, do not divide your attention amongst the channels, rather focus on building a channel you think is the most ideal for your business and grow it. You could always hire someone to maintain the other channels.

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#3. Attract them with Freebies!

Make the members of your community and prospective clients feel that they are valued and give out freebies as a token of appreciation. It would help in earning the clients trust and also act as a motivating factor for people to be a part of your community.

The freebies could be anything, ranging from a coaching call to a PDF. Ask people to give feedback and write testimonials after availing the freebie, as it doubles as the initial testing of the service and builds your confidence to launch a paid version of the service for everyone!

#4. Have your Own Website!

If you do not own a website, you will have to direct your clients to other platforms to even read your blogs and then there is a greater chance for the clients to engage elsewhere.

Having your own website is extremely important as it builds your credibility, strengthens your community and to ensure they are not distracted by others.

Think of your website as your online office. You could either get a professional to create a website for you or opt for one of the free templates provided by wix or weebly to get the job done.

#5. Get Coached, before you Coach Others!

Imagine going to the dentist and have them perform their first operation on you. The thought itself makes me extremely uncomfortable! Now, imagine the plight of your clients when they come to know that you have no prior experience of coaching! Rough, isn’t it?

That’s why, I suggest you do an internship under someone who has experience in the same field. Here is the thing: taking a course would just give you knowledge but coaching someone, would give you confidence. Do not be shy to approach someone and talk about the prospect of being on their coaching call, so you could see their coaching procedure and gain experience.

Another option here is to just get coached for your own business, so you know the perks and the procedure before diving in to your own business.

#6. Build your Reliable Resources

To grow your online business, you’ll need a lot of resources. A few of them are listed here;

  1. Email list provider– Use a CRM like ActiveCampaign from where you can send mass emails and trigger automated responses for people who sign up for your master class, PDF, coaching call, etc. Even in adverse situations when the social media handles are not available, you could always rely on your email contacts for helping you grow your business.
  2. Call Recorder + Host– Every coach I’ve worked with always provides a recording of the call to their clients. Zoom provides great features and provides call hosting as well as recordings. It also has a number of promising features like hosting webinars, group calls and variety of other extremely handy ones.
  3. Call Scheduler– Services like that of Acuity Scheduling enable you to send out a timesheet with slots available for calls to all your clients. The clients can easily chose a time suitable for them and block a slot. This helps in organizing the work that needs to be done in a very systematic way without you worrying or spending your time on appointment scheduling.
  4. Organizing tools– Since you would be handling a lot of projects and clients, the workload is bound to get a little overwhelming at times. So to keep a record of everything and keep a tab on all that needs to be done, you could use task and team or task management tools like Trello, Asana, OneDrive and Keep.
  5. Invoicing– Get a payment gateway for invoicing purposes, so that you do not have to send individual PayPal link to all your clients, because let’s get real, it is an inconvenient and lengthy task!
  6. Favorite social Media Channel– We’ve already discussed this but I cannot emphasize it any more than stating that we do need regular interaction on social media handles, to create awareness about the service we provide and also to generate traffic for our blog or website.
  7. Creating graphic- with the help of Canva or Picmonkey, which let you add text to the graphics to be used and make edits to them as per your liking. Many of my clients use these tools to create their own posts if they do not outsource the work to someone.

To wrap things up here, let me remind you to make sure that all the platforms and tools you use to build your community are mobile friendly so that it becomes easy for you to keep tabs on your work.

In the next post, we shall talk about the second part of this process that focuses on getting clients, so keep checking this space!

LASTLY, I urge you not to get caught up in this section! Yes, this is all important and useful but nothing is as beneficial then to just dive in to the business and get the real experience.

Do let me know in the comments how you liked these tips and tricks and how pumped you are to start your own online business!

As always,
Make your brand work! 😉

Coaching Business at Home
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